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  • How can you build a StarBricks MOC?
    To build a StarBricks MOC follow these simple steps: get the manual upload the parts list to bricklink search and buy all the bricks build your MOC
  • Where can I find and buy bricks?
    You can search and buy the parts on bricklink. You can buy some parts directly on the LEGO website (pick a brick service). Remember that the official LEGO sets of the Star Wars line are excellent starting points for recovering bricks and minifigures.
  • Are there rare and expensive bricks?
    I spend a lot of time choosing Bricks during the design phase. I try to discard rare and expensive Bricks to limit as much as possible the final cost of MOC.
  • How much does it cost to build StarBricks MOCs?
    The average cost of the bricks is around € 0,10-0,15 / piece. The final cost depends a lot on your search and purchase skills on bricklink and if you decide to buy only new or used parts.
  • Do you have any particular advice for finding parts?
    Sure! Before buying the Bricks check and search in the bulk you have in the house. Remember that the red pieces can be replaced with other colors because they will not be visible once the MOC is finished.
  • How can I upload the parts list to bricklink?
    With the manual you will receive a list of parts in .LDR compatible with bricklink. The file must not be opened. First you must create a WANTED LIST on bricklinck and then load the parts list. Here is a tutorial on youtube that explains how wanted lists work on bricklink.
  • Is the BRICKSTUFF lighting kit included in the instructions?
    No, the BRICKSTUFF lighting kit is an optional and is not essential for the construction of the MOC. If you wish, you can purchase it separately by contacting BRICKSTUFF directly. In the case of the B-Project it will be appropriate to assemble it during the construction phases of the MOC.
  • Why are the instructions limited edition and why will they no longer be printed once they are sold out?
    Building a 3,000 / 6,000-piece MOC is challenging and expensive. Finding parts isn't easy and the more people search for a part, the more likely it is to become rare and expensive. In a market like bricklink, where parts are limited, the less AFOL looks for a brick, the greater the chances of building a MOC at an affordable price. This is why StarBricks MOC instructions are limited edition and it is important not to disclose and share the parts list. The MOC StarBricks are special projects dedicated only to AFOLs who strongly want to build a MOC StarBricks to add to their collections.
  • How will the instructions be sent?
    The instructions will be shipped only with UPS or GLS express couriers. A safe and traceable system that will guarantee fast delivery times. You will be able to track your package directly from the UPS or GLS sites.
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