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My name is Mirko and I was born in 1973.
I started playing with LEGO at the age of 4 and have never stopped since then.


I remember spending entire afternoons

of my childhood recreating the spaceships,

robots and vehicles of the

animated series that I saw on TV with bricks.
When Star Wars came out,

my father took me to the cinema

and I was blown away.
No one had ever seen anything like it before!


From that moment LEGO became

the tool to recreate all the means

of the saga seen in the cinema.
Over the years I have cultivated

a passion for drawing, technical design,

graphics and photography and at a certain point

I decided to combine all this knowledge

to give life to the Starbricks project.


Ultimately for me LEGO is the perfect tool

that gives shape and color to my imagination.


The best ideas

need a clear vision

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